Artisan cup


Coppa is a cured sausage made by processing a fresh cut of pork from the upper cervical area.
The steps in the production of this cured meat are “dry” salting, placing the meat in a beef casing, and drying (a very important step that allows the cured meat to acquire its distinctive aroma and flavor during aging).
The seasoning of Coppa starts from a minimum of 60 days from the beginning of the processing of the sausage itself weighing from 2 kg up to 3 kg and, instead, 90 days for Coppe weighing more.
The flavor of this tasty cured meat can be described as a perfect combination of delicacy and refinement created by the right degree of savoriness, amount of spices and aromas; moreover, its unmistakable aroma will make the dining experience even more pleasant and unforgettable.
Coppa is perfect as an appetizer and is also often used in the preparation of some typical first courses in the culinary tradition of Parma and its province.



Artisan cup

Food name: Artisan cup
Manufacturer: Salumificio Bedotti snc
Format: Whole or half
Packaging: Vacuum
Ingredient list: Italian pork cup, salt, dextrose, antioxidant Sodium Ascorbate E301, spices, herbs, sucrose, garlic, Potassium Nitrate E525 and Sodium Nitrite E250, pepper
Food free of: Lactose
Net quantity of the food:
Whole artisanal cup: 1.9 kg – 2.1 kg approx.
Artisan Half Cup: 0.9 kg – 1.1 kg approx.
Country of origin of the product: Italy



Store the product in a refrigerator or cool place upon receipt.

Storage condition:

Once purchased, this cured meat should be stored in a cool place with the right degree of humidity; if it is vacuum-packed, the freshness of the product will be guaranteed for about six months.
After slicing the Coppa according to tradition, it is recommended to wrap it in a dry cotton cloth if it is “young”; in the case of a more seasoned cured meat, the cloth should be soaked in white wine.
Another method of preservation is to cover the part exposed to cutting with clear food film. (You will also be able to store this sausage in the Freshness Saving Pouch found in our Shop in the “Kitchen Accessories” section).

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