Typical Emilian Liquors

Typical Emilian Liquors

Liquore Maria Luigia, liquori tipici emiliani
Bargnolino, Liquori tipici emiliani
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A collaboration with an excellent company

Typical Emilian Liqueurs from Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo, a company that has been in business since 1905, from Salsomaggiore Terme,producing excellent liqueurs.

Selected raw materials and natural products are used for production. This ensures that the properties of the herbs and fruits used remain intact , guaranteeing the quality of the aromas typical of the Emilian tradition.

Homemade recipes

It is precisely because of ancient, homemade recipes that excellent quality liqueurs with the flavor of yesteryear are obtained,.

Typical liqueurs produced particularly in the province of Parma include Bargnolino ,Maria Luigia,Nocino di Noceto.

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