Nostrano Salami


The flavor of this product is mild and sweet and the aroma is intense and appetizing.
This artisanal salami is consumed mainly as an appetizer and is presented on a wooden cutting board, sliced, as per tradition, exclusively with a thin, long knife so as to obtain thick, oblique slices to enhance its texture.

The weight of a whole salami is about 700/800 g




Salami type Nostrano

Food name: Salami type Nostrano
Manufacturer: Salumificio Bedotti snc
Format: Whole
Ingredient list: Pork, salt, flavorings, sugars (Dextrose), preservatives E250, 252
Food free of: Lactose
Net food quantity: 700 g – 800 g approx.
(used to be 500/600 g)
Country of origin of the product: Italy



Artisanal salami from the province of Parma is traditionally made from pure, carefully selected pork that has not undergone any freezing process.
To these meats, carefully selected fatty parts and spices dissolved in dry white wine are added.
This artisanal salami is distinguished by its firm texture, its thinness, its typical intense red coloring and the presence of some white parts of ground fat in the mixture.
Ideal maturation is a minimum of 60 days and takes place under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.


Store the product in a cool place upon receipt.

Storage condition:

Before slicing and enjoying it, it is recommended to wash it externally to remove dirt and any mold and ensure easy and better peeling.
If whole, Salame tipo Nostrano should be stored in a damp place without direct light sources, so preferably a cellar.
Instead, after slicing it, it should be wrapped in a tea towel and stored in the refrigerator so that it is protected from odors that could affect its taste. (You can also store this sausage in the Freshness Saver Bag found in our Shop in the “Kitchen Accessories” section).


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