Ham Flake


Fiocchetto is a sausage sa usage typical of the Bassa Parmense region of Parma that is made by processing the smaller, more muscular back part of the thigh of selected pigs.
The processing steps of this cured meat are very similar to those of Culatello but, despite this, Fiocchetto is “leaner”, has less fat and the aging times are shorter (6 – 8 months).
As with other typical cured meats of Parma and Province, curing must take place in damp, dark places and in a natural way.
The special features of this tasty cured meat are its delicate flavor and intense aroma once sliced; the slices have a low percentage of fat and a ruby red color: a joy for the palate and the eyes!
Fiocchetto is mainly eaten as an appetizer, alone or accompanied by other cured meats and typical Parma products.



Ham Flake

Food Name: Ham Flake
Manufacturer: Salumificio Gianferrari
Format: Whole or half
Packaging: Vacuum
Ingredient list: Pork,sea salt,flavorings,spices.No preservatives.

Non-food ingredient list: Pork suet (coating agent: pure pork lard, rice flour, salt, black pepper).
Food free of: Lactose
Net quantity of the food:
Whole ham flake: 2.2 kg – 3.00 kg approx.
Half Ham Flake: 1.1 kg – 1.5 kg approx.
Country of origin of the product: Italy



Store the product in a refrigerator or cool place upon receipt.

Storage condition:

If the sausage is whole or vacuum-packed, it should be stored in a designated environment with controlled temperature and humidity.
In case it is sliced or “started,” however, it is advisable to cover the cut part with a food-grade cling film or Baking paper before storing it in refrigerator or, as experts advise, wrap it in cotton cloth (You can also store this sausage in the Freshness Saver Bag found in our Shop in the “Kitchen Accessories” section).

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