Vacuum-packed bacon without rind


Pancetta is a cured sausage made by processing meat from the belly of the pig, one of the fattest parts of the animal.
The meats are trimmed and then undergo the salting process: the Pancettas are sprinkled with salt and, sometimes, by spices and flavorings and then left to rest for a few days.
After this stage, the Pancetta is “splinted,” that is, clamped between two boards tied firmly together, and is left to mature for a period that can last 40 to 60 days for smaller cured meats and up to 90 to 120 days for larger ones. Curing is a very important stage that gives the cured meat a very intense, sweet and enveloping flavor, which is why its uses in cooking are varied.
Pancetta can be enjoyed on its own, combined with other cured meats, accompanied by polenta, pickles/vinegars and cheeses, and, moreover, it is also used to make tasty pasta dishes: its soft texture and excellent melt-in-your-mouth texture will win you over!

Weight: about 0.9/1.1 kg

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Pork belly without rind

Food name: Pancetta steccata without rind
Manufacturer: Salumificio Bedotti snc
Format: Whole
Packaging: Vacuum
Ingredient list: Pork belly, salt, antioxidant E301, natural flavorings (garlic, white pepper powder, black pepper powder, mace, nutmeg, juniper, cinnamon, cloves), preservatives E252 and E250
Food free of: Lactose
Net food quantity: 0.9 kg – 1.1 kg approx.
Country of origin of the product: Italy



Store the product in a refrigerator or cool place upon receipt.

Storage condition:

This cured meat should be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, ventilated place.
If vacuum-packed, it is recommended to open the package at least 30 minutes before consuming the product; once cut, Pancetta should be consumed within one month and should be stored in the refrigerator by wrapping the cut part in food-grade cling film. (You will also be able to store this sausage in the Freshness Saver Bag found in our Shop in the “Kitchen Accessories” section).


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