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Sale of typical Parma products and specialties from all over Emilia Romagna

Flavors of Parma is a great little company established with the aim of bringing (not only to the table!) the taste and flavor of homegrown products: Flavors of Parma was born and grew with the idea of creating a relationship of trust with the customer and offering the professionalism and excellent quality to all those who love the idea of Bottega understood as a habit of family and sharing.

The Flavors of Parma is for all intents and purposes a family tradition that wants to be handed down with the aim of rediscovering the uniqueness and authenticity of simple flavors and unforgettable moments like those of yesteryear, between home and store.

The family business is located within the “typical area” of Parmigiano Reggiano production. In fact, it is located in Santa Maria del Piano, an area of the first hills in the municipality of Lesignano dè Bagni. On these hills the ecosystem and microclimate are ideal for raising cows, the absolute stars of Parmigiano Reggiano.

parmigiano reggiano - preparazione
i sapori di parma - taglio parmigiano reggiano

This is a small farm in the cradle of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP. The company was founded in 1945, at the hands of Grandfather Bonfiglio. To this day we have never lost the value of those years, made up of artisanal values and wisdom in making this cheese a prince of flavors and genuineness to always be brought to our tables.

From this long tradition comes I Sapori di Parma .

In addition to the very high quality and careful professionalism with which we market our carefully selected products for you, our company is distinguished by the special human sensitivity we like to have with our customers.

We want to offer the convenience of online shopping along with the reassuring friendliness of relationship that instead characterizes shopping with neighborhood merchants and all those who discover they feel at home with us. From online shopping to courtesy at a counter, I Sapori di Parma is undoubtedly tradition reborn in people’s lives.


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