Arancino liqueur – Typical Emilian liqueurs


Typical liqueur from Emilia. Selected raw materials and natural products are used for production: Hydroalcoholic orange peel infusion, Alcohol, Sugar.

200 ml and 500 ml package



Arancino liqueur – Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo


Food name: Arancino liqueur
Classification: Liqueur. (D.L. 107/92 and EEC 88/388 D.Lvo 114/2006 Reg CE n.°852/2004)
Manufacturer: Liquor Factory Osvaldo Colombo
Raw material: Ethyl alcohol, untreated orange peel. Raw material selected in accordance with current EC Laws No. 237. EC Reg. no. 1829/2003
Sales package: Glass bottle ml. 200/ml. 500
Processing: Alcoholic extraction
Appearance: orange-colored viscous liquid
Ingredient list: Hydroalcoholic orange peel infusion, Alcohol, Sugar.
Smell/Taste: Characteristic aromatic
Solubility: In water: good

Flash point: Between 25°C and 61°C.
Alcohol content: 30% vol
Free sulfur dioxide: mg/l Absent
Sorbic acid: mg/l Absent

Country of origin of the product: Italy


Storage condition:

The product should be stored away from direct light and in tightly closed containers.

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