Verelè Pink Rice


A distinctive rice with a lilac grain color that turns pink when cooked with a delicate taste and unique aroma .
This short-cooking rice ,about 12 min, lends itself to the preparation of countless dishes.


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Verelè Pink Rice

Food name: Verelè Pink Rice
Manufacturer: Cordero
Format: 500 gr.
Ingredient list: Verelè Pink Rice

Food free of: lactose
Net food quantity: about 500 gr.
Country of origin of the product: Italy Piedmont


The product should be consumed after cooking about 12 minutes


Verelé Pink Rice is a versatile product in the preparation of various recipes both hot and cold ,for risottos and salads.


Store the product in a cool, dry place upon receipt.


We recommend cooking with Broth or White wine in our Shop you can find The bubbles Lintrigo Cuvée for a better result we suggest our Parmigiano Reggiano 30 Mesi


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