Porcini Mushrooms


Here is the latest arrival the dried Porcini Mushroom,a product excellent in the preparation of first or second courses.

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Porcini Mushrooms

Food Name: Porcini Mushrooms

Supplier: The Manganella Chestnut Grove
Format: 20 gr.
Ingredient list: Boletus edulis and its group, bay leaf(if present)-laurus nobilis-aesthetically.

Food free of: lactose

Energy value : See label table on product package.

Net food quantity: about 20 g
Country of origin of the manufacturer :Italy

Packaged: in Loc. Boceda of Mulazzo (MS)


The product should be consumed after cooking about 3 minutes


Dried Porcini Mushrooms ,hygroscopic product subject to natural weight loss.


Store the product in a cool, dry place away from heat sources upon receipt

Soak 10 to 15 g of product per person in warm water for 20 minutes,drain and cook.

To be consumed after cooking.


They are suitable for making sauces.

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