Lime Tree Honey Drops of Light


It is perfect for all pairings with sage, whose refreshing notes it enhances. It also goes well with fresh fruit salads or to sweeten herbal and flower teas and infusions.

To every honey its cheese: pair Lime Honey Drops of Light with aged cheeses such as Pecorino Toscano or Sardo or Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months Vacche Rosse.



Lime Tree Honey Drops of Light

Food Name: Lime Tree Honey
Manufacturer: Tenuta Casa del Sole Srl Agricultural Society
Packaging: 140g glass jars
Flower species: floral: Tilia cordata and Tilia platyphyllos
Production area: San Polo d’Enza, Reggio
Emilia – Italy (200 meters above sea level).
Ingredients: Italian Lime Tree Honey
Harvest period: June
Country of origin of the product: Italy

Sensory characteristics:

Color: Variable, from light amber to darker amber if inmixed withmelata or chestnut.
Aroma: It is fresh, mentholated, balsamic, reminiscent of the flower aroma and takes on sweeter, caramelized overtones when mixed withmelata.
Taste: it is refreshing, with notes of menthol and camphor. Very well balanced with the sweet and soft note.
Crystallization: crystallizes late, forming mostly large, irregular crystals.

Technological Features:

Allergens: contains no allergens
Gluten: does not contain gluten
Shelf-life: 3 years from the date of production

Mode of storage

Store in a cool (20 °C) and dry place, away from direct light and heat sources.

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