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Must cooked and acidified in barrels created with fine woods gives life to this sweet-and-sour condiment: this process, together with the 30 decantings it undergoes during the long period of “maturation,” causes it to acquire different aromas and scents.
Its flavor is rich in contrasts and its texture delicate and velvety; it goes well with aged cheeses, meat and fish carpaccio, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and desserts.
It can also be consumed pure as a digestive or aperitif.

50 ml package

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Seal 30 – Balsamic Dressing

Food Name: Seal 30 – Balsamic Dressing
Producer: Acetaia Le Aperte
Product description: Made from grape must cooked by direct fire in open pot, aged in barrels of different woods
Format: Ampoule with box
Packaging: 50ml glass bottle
Corking: Cork stopper with sealing wax
Ingredient list: Grape must, wine vinegar
Food free of: Additives, thickeners, allergens, dyes and preservatives
Actual alcoholic strength by volume:
Net food quantity: 50 ml
Packaging dimensions: 20 x 12 x 30 h
Country of origin of the product: Italy



The product should be stored at room temperature and away from direct contact with sunlight.

Storage condition:

To avoid altering the characteristics of Seal 30, it is recommended that it be stored away from substances, perfumes and foods that emit strong odors.


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